Pink Elephants Online Slot Rating and reviews

In addition to providing you with a large number of opportunities to win prizes, the Pink Elephants slot machine by Thunderkick provides you with a variety of other features that are equally deserving of your attention. This game has extra wild symbols in addition to mystery scatters and a free spins bonus game. During the free spins bonus game, you will have the opportunity to fill up meters and call forth a magical elephant in the hopes of winning the highest prizes possible.

A game that has been so successful that it has spawned a sequel, Pink Elephants 2, let’s have a look at some of the gameplay and extra features that can be found in the Pink Elephants slot to discover what it is about this particular slot game that has made it so popular.

Instructions on how to play the slot machine Pink Elephants

The fact that Pink Elephants is not like other slot machines in any way does not make it more difficult to play than other slot machines. The slot machine has just three controls, all of which are extremely easy to understand and operate. One of these controllers allows you to select your wager, while the other two allow you to play the game. After pressing the chip control button to choose a wager between 0.10 credits and 100 credits every round, all that’s left to do is start the game by pressing either the manual or Auto Play button.

When you play for real money, the only thing you need to be concerned about is gathering as many of the game’s symbols as possible since the game doesn’t have any paylines. This is the game’s most distinctive feature. You can discover the paytable by hitting the menu button that is located on the bottom right of your screen. This will allow you to see all of the symbols. You have the potential to acquire up to eleven symbols on a single spin, and the rewards for each icon are shown in credits. The six stone symbols give the lowest payouts, which range from 0.30x to 3.5x your bet for each sequence they complete, whilst the animal symbols have the potential to pay out bigger returns, which may reach as high as 10x your stake. You can imagine how gratifying Pink Elephants may be given the huge betting limits of the slot machine and the hundreds of different opportunities to win a prize that are available throughout each round.

Thanks to the HTML5 design used by Thunderkick, the Pink Elephants slot machine game may also be played on mobile devices such as Android tablets and smartphones, as well as iPhones and iPads. There isn’t much of a difference between playing a game on a computer or a smartphone, with the exception of the fact that the on-screen controls will be located in different places on the mobile device. Other than that, the experience is almost same.

Free Spins and Bonus Features Can Be Found on Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants, a video slot game developed by Thunderkick, pays out in a variety of ways, exactly like a slot machine with 243 possible ways to win. In order to win various prizes when gambling with real money, you will need to line up at least three of the identical symbols from left to right, beginning with the first reel, in order for the game to count as a winning combination. Because there are no paylines, the slot’s one-of-a-kind mechanics will allow you up to 4,096 possibilities to trigger a reward. This number can be calculated by multiplying the number of rows on each reel by itself (four rows times four rows times four rows times four rows equals 4,096).

The yellow meerkat, the green meerkat, and the pink elephant are the most lucrative symbols, and they each give payouts that may go up to 6.5 times, 7 times, and 10 times your stake, respectively. Except symbols that are important to keep in mind are the wilds, which may replace any symbol other from the bonus symbols, and the peanut scatters, which are your entry ticket into the free spins bonus game if you get three or more of them. If you manage to gather three to six of these special icons during the course of a single round, or any of the replacement mystery scatters, the slot machine will reward you with a bonus that ranges from seven to nineteen free spins, during which you will have the opportunity to win additional spins.

During the main bonus, the slot machine will award you an additional three spins for each additional pair of scatters that you capture; a total of six scatters will result in an additional eleven spins being added to your total. If you wish to activate the unique elephant orb function, you will definitely find these re-triggers to be of great assistance. This feature is a side bonus that, for the length of the free spins, may replace one selected icon from the paytable with the highest-paying pink elephant symbol. In order to make use of this function, you will first have to fill up the elephant meter by gathering as many orbs as you possibly can.

Maximum wins, return to player percentage, and volatility of Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants is a slot machine game that has a medium/high volatility with a hit rate that is lower than 22.8 percent. As a result, it is riskier than many of the other slots that are offered by the software provider, and as a result, it will primarily appeal to more experienced players. If you don’t mind the heightened volatility, this slot will definitely provide you reasons to play, as it not only has 4,096 ways for you to win, but it also has a jackpot that is 8,200 times the amount that you wagered (820,000 credits on the max bet). In addition, the RTP of 96.1 percent ensures that you will always have a balanced experience whenever you play for real money.

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